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Introducing: 616 New Features!

PredictNow.aie has added 340+ new features to our global macroeconomic dataset. In total, we are now offering 616 ready-made features to our Premium subscribers.

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What We Do was built on the belief that machine learning could be made more accessible via a no-code interface. Our unique, patent-pending technology offers real-time predictions that can empower your investment strategy.

How We Do It

We combine a user’s past trading record and augment it with big data to compute the probability of profit for their next trade.

Our software can identify and rank important predictors (i.e. technical, fundamental, macroeconomic) that affect a user’s probability of profit.

Using our 200+ pre-engineered features, users can generate predictive performance results for in-sample and out-of-sample datasets.

Get your Trade Predictions in 3 Simple Steps:

Upload your historical data as an Excel file 
Our platform automatically computes the optimal predictive model
Immediately receive a new prediction for your next trade
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Who We Are

Dr. Ernest P. Chan,

Ernie’s career since 1994 has been focusing on the development of statistical models and advanced computer algorithms…

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Erik MacDonald,
Head of Business Development

Erik is an MBA candidate at DeGroote School of Business specializing in Business Analytics…

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Sudarshan Sawal,
Product Manager

Sudarshan is working as a Product Manager at while pursuing MSc in Economics and BE in Electronics….

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Jessica Watson,
Head of Design

Jessica received her degree in New Media from Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media in Toronto, Ontario…

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Our Partners

Customer Testimonials

We’re big fans of Dr. Chan and have had success with ensemble forecasting for a number of years, but have struggled with incorporating all of our IP. The Predict Now applications allow us to finally leverage our entire proprietary factor database for intraday forecasting of equities and commodities. Initial out-of-sample results are quite promising.

David Skowron, Co-Founder and VP Technology, InvestiQuant
We utilized Predictnow to forecast the behaviour of financial time series on the basis of several metrics; we found the system highly effective and its results were indeed proved right by double checking with other systems.
Stefano Peron, Chief Investment Officer,
This is by far the most efficient way to digest your data and produce interpretable machine learning results I have ever seen.
Jacky Law, Quantitative Analyst, Safe Gold Securities & Futures Limited
I worked with Ernie and Radu as a client on a project using Both researchers are uniformly dedicated to their science. They are fastidious in the development of their software and unrelenting in their diligence towards satisfying their clients.
Greg Howington, Hedge Fund Investor
Dr Chan is unique in that he is able to parse the most complicated issues and explain that in a way that many will be able to understand. The PredictNow platform is the latest in his suite of products that adds another string to our bow and we have been using it for our strategies. Both Dr Chan and Radu have been incredibly helpful to address and answer any questions we had and we felt at no point that we were left alone to figure it out for ourselves. Top marks for a top team.
Hung-Wah Cheung, Managing Partner, Demeter Capital Partners Holdings, LLC.

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