Financial Machine Learning: No-code/API

Compute the Probability of Profit for your next Investment 

Webinar Recording: is excited to share our latest recorded webinar, which overviews our new additions to our Factor Zoo.

In this presentation, Dr. Ernest Chan and Akshay Nautiyal highlighted the 340+ new features that we have added to our pre-engineered database (which now totals 616 features). The data includes factors derived from macroeconomic data from 13 countries, crypto-specific factors, options-derived factors, ETF factors based on dual momentum literature, generalized and carry trade factors.

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How We Do It

We combine a user’s past trading record and augment it with big data to compute the probability of profit for their next

Our software can identify and rank important predictors (i.e. technical, fundamental, macroeconomic) that affect a user’s probability of profit.

Using our 200+ pre-engineered features, users can generate predictive performance results for in-sample and out-of-sample datasets.

About us

What We Do was built on the belief that machine learning could be made more accessible via a no-code interface. Our unique, patent-pending technology offers real-time predictions that can empower your investment strategy.

Get your Trade Predictions in 3 Simple Steps:

Upload your historical data as an Excel file

Our platform automatically computes the optimal predictive model

Immediately receive a new prediction for your next trade

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